Weekly updates on Blaze: How this works!

Hi! Thank you so much for coming here! I’m really excited to share Blaze with you all, and until Blaze is oficially published (hopefully spring 2018, so not too far off) I will be updating a chapter of the story each week.

This is partially because I’m so excited to share it, but also so I can’t keep slacking and I’ll actually have to finish this story in a sensible time span.

The story has only been edited for readability and quick spelling mistakes, this is NOT the final version, just a lightly edited one. The whole story will be properly edited when it’s finished and then my lovely editor will have a go at it and on and on. So, any spelling or grammar mistakes that you may run into, I’m sorry in advance, but they will be fixed before it’s published! I promise!

I will update every Saturday, the best way to be kept in the loop is by being part of my FB group (Skylar’s Lovely Hearts), as I will be posting links to the updates there.


Thank you and enjoy!


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